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    Are you planning to install a 50 amp sub panel in your home that’s located 100 feet away from the main panel? If so, one key consideration is choosing the right wire size. Using an undersized wire can result in power loss and even electrical hazards. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through selecting the appropriate wire gauge for your installation to ensure optimal performance and safety. So, let’s dive into this essential topic!

    What is a Wire Size for 50 Amp Sub Panel 100 Feet Away?

    A 50 amp wire size for a 100 foot distance from a sub panel is 12 gauge. This is the most common wire size used for electricity in the United States.

    Types of Wire and Their Uses

    Wire size for amp sub panel feet away can be a critical decision when installing an audio or electrical installation. There are basically three types of wire used in wiring: solid, stranded, and braided.

    Solid Wire is the most common type and is made up of small metal wires that are tightly bundled together. This type of wire is the cheapest and easiest to work with because it doesn’t kink or fray easily, but it’s also the weakest because it can’t support much weight. Stranded Wire is made up of smaller wires that are twisted together into thicker strands. Because these strands are smaller, they can carry more weight without breaking than solid wire can.

    Braided Wire is a hybrid type of wire that’s made up of solid wires with small woven fiberglass or plastic filaments interspersed throughout the wire. This type of wire is strong enough to support heavy loads, but it also has flexibility so it doesn’t kink as easily as solid or stranded wire does.

    Wire Sizes for 50 Amp Sub Panels

    There are a variety of wire sizes that can be used in a 50 amp sub panel. The most common wire size is 18 AWG. However, there are several other common wire sizes that are also suitable for use in a 50 amp sub panel. These other wire sizes include 16 AWG, 14 AWG, 12 AWG, and 10 AWG.

    18 AWG is the most common wire size in a 50 amp sub panel because it offers sufficient capacity to carry the necessary amount of current. 16 AWG is next in line for popularity because it’s also capable of carrying a lot of current, but it’s not as thick as 18AWG wires. 14AWG is slightly thinner than 18AWG and can therefore handle less current, but it’s also more expensive. 12AWG is the thinnest wire size that can be used in a 50 amp sub panel and it’s typically only used when space is at a premium. 10AWG is slightly thicker than 12AWG and can carry more current, but it’s also more expensive.

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