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    Who has the most fans in the world? This is a question that has puzzled scholars, philosophers and even marketers for years. And the answer remains a mystery to this day. Nevertheless, there are some pretty clear contenders when it comes to having the most dedicated followers on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. So who are they? Read on to find out!

    The Top 20 Countries with the Highest Number of Facebook Fans

    1. China
    2. United States of America
    3. Brazil
    4. India
    5. Indonesia
    6. Russia
    7. Philippines
    8. Mexico
    9. Germany
    10. Japan
    11. South Korea
    12. Thailand

    13. Italy

    14. Spain

    15. UK

    16. Australia

    17. Canada

    18: Belgium

    19: Norway

    20: Sweden

    The 20 Countries with the Largest Social Media Followings

    The 20 Countries with the Largest Social Media Followings

    1. China (1.3 billion followers)
    2. United States of America (US) (302 million followers)
    3. Brazil (189 million followers)
    4. Russia (131 million followers)
    5. India (123 million followers)
    6. Indonesia (101 million followers)
    7. Mexico (94 million followers)
    8. France (87 million followers)
    9. Germany (82 million followers)
    10. South Korea (76 million followers)
    11. Japan (68 million followers)
    12. Philippines (64 million followers)
    13: Nigeria (50 million followers)

    14: Thailand(46millionfollowers )

    15: Nigeria

    16: Egypt

    17: Turkey

    18: Australia

    19: United Kingdom

    20: Argentina

    The Countries with the Most Twitter Followers

    The countries with the most Twitter followers are unsurprisingly the biggest and most influential in the world. The top five are, in descending order: China, United States of America (USA), Russia, Brazil and India. These countries have a combined total of more than 328 million Twitter followers, which is more than twice as many as the next three countries (Britain, France and Germany) put together.

    China is easily the largest country on this list, with over 197 million followers. This is largely due to the popularity of Chinese brands overseas, particularly in developed economies where they are often seen as quality products. India comes second with over 104 million followers, although this may be partly due to the number of tweets sent by Indian political leaders and celebrities. Brazil comes third with over 83 million followers, followed by Russia fourth with over 73 million followers and then the USA in fifth place with over 62 million followers.

    The 10 Countries with the Highest YouTube Viewership

    1. The United States
    2. Russia
    3. India
    4. China
    5. South Korea
    6. Mexico
    7. Brazil
    8. Indonesia
    9. Thailand
    10. Italy


    As we reach the end of 2018, it’s safe to say that some huge names in music have amassed an impressive following on social media. From Drake to Justin Bieber, these celebrities have succeeded in building large and loyal fan bases by engaging with their followers constantly and providing entertaining content. While it’s difficult to determine who has the most fans in the world, these social media superstars certainly seem to be doing something right!

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