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    The answer to this question is a little bit tricky, as there are several factors that come into play. However, if we take into account both population and GDP, then it’s safe to say that the Tokyo Metro system is the busiest metro system in the world. Why is Tokyo so busy? Well, for one thing, it has a population of over 33 million people, which is significantly higher than any other metro system on this list. Additionally, Japan’s GDP is also high, meaning that there’s a lot of money circulating through its economy. So if you’re looking for an urban metro system that is constantly bustling with activity, look no further than Tokyo’s Tōkyō Metro system.


    Tokyo is the world’s busiest metro system, with an average of over one million passengers per day. The Tokyo Metro system has 146 stations, and runs on a network of 167 km of track. The Tokyo Metro is operated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation.


    London is the world’s busiest metro system, with an average of 1.38 million passengers per day in 2017. This makes it not only the busiest metro system in the world, but also the busiest transport system in Europe. The London Underground (LUL) is by far the most popular line on the network, with an average of 860,000 passengers per day. The London Overground (LO) is second with an average of 540,000 passengers per day.

    New York City

    The world’s busiest metro system is in New York City. More than 250 million people use the subway every day, making it one of the most essential ways to get around town. The system is constantly expanding, with new stations and lines being added all the time. Whether you’re looking for a quick way to get to work or a place to catch a show, the subway is always an option.


    Paris is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and visited cities in the world. With over 2 million inhabitants, it boasts an extensive Metro system that efficiently transports its people around. The Metro is on average the busiest rail network in the world, with over 1 billion passenger journeys made each year. It’s no wonder that Paris has been named “The World’s Busiest Metro System” by Guinness World Records. Here are some of the reasons why Paris’ Metro is such a powerhouse:

    -Efficient transport: The Metro is incredibly efficient when it comes to moving people around. It runs on a segregated track and uses automatic gates to keep passengers separate, preventing delays and overcrowding.

    -Variety: The Metro system offers a variety of different routes to choose from, so you can find whatever you need or want when travelling around town.

    -Attractiveness: Paris’s Metro system is beautiful to look at, with sleek architecture and modern designs that make it stand out from other systems.

    Los Angeles

    The Los Angeles Metro system is the world’s busiest metro system, with an average of more than 1.5 million passengers per day. The Metro system serves a population of over 3 million people and extends into Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties. The Metro system is made up of six lines that run across the city.


    Until recently, it was hard to dispute that Tokyo’s highly congested subway system was the busiest in the world. But with new projects and expansions underway in London, Beijing and New York City, it seems as if metro systems around the globe are becoming more and more busy. So which of these metros is actually the busiest? Weigh in below and let us know your thoughts!

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