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    Where Is Caste Certificate Number On Caste Certificate Maharashtra

    In India, caste is a very important social identifier. It determines what kind of jobs a person can do, where they can live, and even how they can interact with other people. At the same time, caste systems are also incredibly discriminatory. Untouchables, for example, are considered the lowest caste in society and are subjected to various forms of discrimination. If you’re from Maharashtra and you want to know your caste certificate number, you need to look for Caste Certificate No: 015165. Don’t worry though; it’s not a difficult process. In this blog post, we will help you find your certificate number and explain what it means for you.

    What is a Caste Certificate?

    A caste certificate is a document that lists the caste of a person. It is issued by the government of India to individuals who belong to a particular caste. The caste certificate number is located on the certificate.

    How to find your caste certificate number in Maharashtra?

    In Maharashtra, caste certificate number is given at the end of the caste name. So for example, if your caste name is ‘Kumar’, your caste certificate number would be ‘Kumar123’. You can find this number on your original caste certificate or on any replacement certificate that you may have received since you last attended a panchayat or got married.

    What happens if you don’t have your caste certificate number?

    If you do not have your caste certificate number, then you will need to contact the nearest district magistrate office and get a new caste certificate. The caste certificate number is on the bottom left hand corner of the cast certificate.


    caste certificate number is mentioned on the top left corner of the caste certificate. As per information available online, a caste certificate has two numbers which are mentioned together – one on the top left corner and another at the bottom right ledger line. The first number indicates your OBC category while the second number denotes your Schedule Caste category.

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