What fashion was popular in the 60s


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    What fashion was popular in the 60s

    The 60s were a time of change, and not just in the United States. The entire world was changing, and with it came a whole new set of fashion trends. In this blog article, we will explore some of the most popular fashion trends of the 60s and how you can apply them to your wardrobes today. From hippie fashion to mod style, you’re sure to find something that will suit your individual style.

    The Mod Era

    During the Mod era, fashion was all about rebellious individuality. Clothing was a way to express yourself and break away from the norm. Trends in Mod fashion were often based on pop culture icons or current events. Some of the most popular Mod styles included bell-bottom jeans, miniskirts, and Doc Martens boots.

    One of the most iconic Mod styles is the miniskirt. Miniskirts became popular in the late 1960s as part of the hippie counterculture movement. They were seen as a symbol of liberation and freedom, and were worn by women both rich and poor. By the 1970s, miniskirts had become mainstream across Europe and North America.

    Belle & Sebastian frontman Stuart Murdoch once said that his band’s 1990 single “The Girl With The Dragoon Tattoo” would not have been successful if it wasn’t for miniskirts being popular at the time. The song became a moderate hit thanks to its catchy melody and prominent use of miniskirts in promotional photos and videos.

    Bell-bottoms also became a popular style during the Mod era. Bell-bottoms were originally designed as an underwear style but soon became popular as casual pants overall. They came in various colors and prints, making them perfect for mixing and matching with any outfit.

    Doc Martens boots also became a popular trend during the Mod era. Originally created as work boots for coal miners, Doc Martens quickly gained popularity among youth culture groups across Europe and North America. The boots were seen as rebellious and unique, and were often worn with jeans or shorts.

    The Mod era was a time of great change and rebellion. Fashion was a way for Mods to express themselves in their own unique way, and trends in Mod fashion often reflected current events or popular culture icons.

    The Hippie Era

    The Hippie Era was a time when people wore clothing that showed their personal style. This era is remembered for its brightly colored clothes, peace signs, and love beads. This was a time when people didn’t care about what other people thought of them, and they wore whatever made them feel comfortable. Some of the most popular items during the Hippie Era were jeans, long shirts, and beanies.

    The Punk Era

    The punk era was a time of change for fashion. Luxury items were replaced with cheaper and more practical options, and designers began to focus on creating clothes that could be worn in any situation. This led to the rise of grunge fashion, which was characterized by its simplicity and unpretentiousness.

    The Disco Era

    The Disco Era was a time of great change for fashion. The decade saw the rise of dance music and glam rock, which led to new styles and fashions. Here are five popular disco styles from the 1970s:

    1. Punk Rock Fashion
    Punk rockers were among the first to adopt disco hairstyles and clothing styles. They wore tight pants, colorful t-shirts, and bright makeup. Their clothes were often torn or stained, giving them a punk rock look that was perfect for the disco era.

    2. Horny Hippies
    The hippie movement of the 1960s had roots in the counterculture of the 1950s, which included a love of psychedelic drugs and hippie culture. During the disco era, many young people adopted hippie fashion trends such as long hair, flower power symbols, and pacifism. However, some hippies added elements of disco into their look to make it more trendsetting.

    3. Disco Divas
    Disco divas were stars of the disco scene and wore glamorous outfits that showed off their curves. They wore sequined dresses, glittery makeup, and high heels that made them stand out on stage. Many divas became famous for their powerful vocals on ballads like “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor or “Here I Am (Come And Take Me)” by Diana Ross.

    4. Makeup Trends
    One of the most popular aspects of disco style was makeup. Women used heavy makeup to create a dramatic look that would set them apart from other women. They wore bright colors and bright eye shadow, using techniques like contouring and highlighting to create a unique look.

    5. Hair Styles
    Disco hair styles were wild and fun. Women often wore their hair in short styles or in Mohawk-like cuts that showed off their fiery red locks. They also used hair products like hairspray and gel to make their hair stick out in all directions.

    The Post-Punk Era

    The post-punk era was a time when alternative fashion became popular. This era is characterized by clothes that are baggy and have weird prints. Some of the most popular post-punk clothes include ripped jeans, oversized T-shirts, and platform shoes.

    The New Romantic Era

    The New Romantic Era was a time of change for fashion. During this time, designers and consumers alike were looking for new and unique styles. Some of the most popular fashion trends during the New Romantic Era included grunge, acid-wash denim, and boho.

    Grunge was a popular style during the New Romantic Era because it was different from anything that had been seen before. Acid-wash denim was also a popular trend during this time because it showed off people’s natural body curves in a way that traditional jeans never could. Boho styling was another trend that became popular during the New Romantic Era. This style is characterized by hippie elements and relaxed clothing styles.


    If you were a teenager in the 60s, chances are you were obsessed with fashion. The Mod era was in full swing and everyone from Elizabeth Taylor to James Dean rocked some of the coolest clothes of all time. From colorful bell-bottoms to psychedelic prints, there was definitely something for everyone during this popular era. So if you’re looking to channel your inner rebel and get into some vintage style, start shopping today!


    What fashion was popular in the 60s

    The 1960s: a decade of free love and flower power, when fashion ran wild. This was a time of experimentation with various styles, colors, and fabrics that had never been seen before. It was truly an era of exploration and, as a result, the fashion trends that emerged during this decade were some of the most iconic in history. From miniskirts to bell bottoms, go-go boots to mod dresses – the 60s ushered in some of the most memorable looks in fashion history. In this article, we’ll take a look back at some of the most popular trends from this unforgettable decade. Read on to learn more about what made the 60s so stylish!


    The s were a time of intense fashion experimentation. It was a decade of new silhouettes, bold colors, and innovative fabrics. Clothing became more revealing and more comfortable. There was a greater emphasis on personal style and self-expression.

    Some of the most popular fashion trends of the s include:

    1) Bold prints and patterns: Floral prints, geometric shapes, and polka dots were all popular in the s. Clothing was often brightly colored or covered in patterns.

    2) Short skirts: Skirts became shorter and shorter throughout the decade. By the end of the s, miniskirts were all the rage.

    3) Bell-bottoms: Wide-leg pants known as bell-bottoms were popularized in the s. They became even more popular in the late s and early s.

    4) Platform shoes: High heels became even higher in the s with the introduction of platform shoes. These shoes had thick soles that added inches to a woman’s height.

    5) Hippie fashion: The hippie movement began in the late s and continued into the early s. Hippies championed free love, peace, and self-expression. Their fashion reflected these values with loose-fitting clothing made from natural fabrics like cotton and linen.


    In the s, footwear was all about being comfortable and stylish at the same time. Platform shoes were popular, as well as sneakers and loafers. Boots were also popular, both for their function and for their style.


    The s were a time of big hair, big earrings, and big shoulder pads. Hairstyles were often big and curly, or styled in an updo. Hair was typically worn down, with a side part. Women also started to wear their hair shorter in the s.

    Some popular hairstyles of the s include:

    -The perm: Big, bouncy, and often curly, the perm was a popular choice in the s. This look was achieved by using large rollers to curl the hair, and then setting it with chemicals.

    -The bob: The bob is a classic hairstyle that has been around for centuries. In the s, the bob was often worn short and sleek, with a sharp side part.

    -The pixie cut: The pixie cut is a short, cropped hairstyle that became popular in the s. It is typically very low-maintenance, and can be styled in a variety of ways.

    -Big and curly: As mentioned before, big and curly hair was very popular in the s. This look was achieved by using hot rollers or curlers to achieve large, voluminous curls.


    In the s, makeup was all about natural beauty. This meant that foundation, powder, and rouge were kept to a minimum. Instead, focus was placed on creating a flawless complexion using concealer and setting powder. The perfect eyebrows were also essential in achieving the s look. They were usually plucked into a thin, straight line. Lips were kept nude or stained with a light pink color.


    When it comes to fashion in the s, accessories were all about making a statement. From chunky jewelry to bold sunglasses, people loved wearing pieces that helped them stand out from the crowd. And when it came to handbags, bigger was always better. Oversized totes and clutches were must-haves for any fashion-savvy individual in the s.

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