Unable To Get Consignment Details, Please Try After Sometime!!!


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    Unable To Get Consignment Details, Please Try After Sometime!!!

    If you have been trying to get consignment details from a store, but they are not able to provide them at this time, please try again later. Stores are often busy and they may have more information available later.

    What to do if you can’t get consignment details

    If you have requested consignment details and you still cannot get them, please try again after sometime! Sometimes the information we need to process your order can take a little longer to come in. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

    What to do if you’ve already tried and still can’t get them

    If you have already tried to get the consignment details and still can’t, please try after sometime. The consignment company may be busy with other customers and not have time to give you the information you need. There are a few things that you can do in order to get the information you need:

    – Make a list of what you are looking for and state specifically what information you need. This will help the consignment company understand your needs better and may speed up the process.

    – If possible, take pictures or video of items that you are interested in so that the consignment company can see exactly what it is that you are looking for.

    – Ask friends or family members who have dealings with the company if they can provide any helpful information.

    Tips for getting consignment details

    If you have tried unsuccessfully to get consignment details from a store, it may be because the store is backlogged. Here are some tips to help you get around this:

    1. Contact the store in advance. If you know when the store expects to be done with your items, inform them of your request as soon as possible. This will give the staff a heads-up and hopefully speed up your process.

    2. Try another store. If one store is not able to provide you with consignment details, try another store in the same category or even a different category altogether! There’s no guarantee that one store will have all the information you need, but at least you’ll have tried multiple stores before giving up completely.

    3. Ask for other information. If getting consignment details from a particular store is proving too difficult, don’t hesitate to ask for additional information such as inventory levels or item descriptions. This can help narrow down your search and make it easier to find what you’re looking for.


    If you are unable to get information about your consignment after trying for a certain amount of time, please reach out to our team. Sometimes due to the large volume of orders, it can take some time for us to get in contact with everyone. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and hope that you will continue to shop with us in the future!

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