Simple Filipina beauty: What are the Filipino beauty standards for women?


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    Simple Filipina beauty: What are the Filipino beauty standards for women?

    Filipinas are often called the “ beauties of Asia” and for good reason. They have naturally dark skin, almond-shaped eyes, and gentle features that make them popular as models and actresses all over the world. But what about the Filipino beauty standards for women? Are they the same everywhere in the Philippines? And if not, what are they? In this blog post, we will explore the Filipino beauty standards for women and explain what makes them so special. From hair styles to makeup tips to skin care advice, read on to learn all you need to know about Filipino beauty.

    Filipino beauty standards for women

    The Filipino beauty standards for women are often different from those in other countries. For example, Filipinas often have light skin and dark hair, which is considered to be beautiful. They also love smaller noses and eyes, and a wide forehead. Some people even say that the Philippines has its own version of the “ideal woman.”

    What are the Philippine beauty standards for women? According to some people, Filipino women are usually considered to have light skin with dark hair. They also like smaller noses and eyes and a wide forehead. Another common feature of Filipino women is their rosy complexion.

    Types of skin

    There are a few types of skin that are considered beautiful in the Philippines, and they vary depending on the region. In the north, oily skin is prized because it is seen as healthy and attractive. In the south, people with dry skin are considered preferable because they are believed to be more resilient in harsh weather conditions.

    Some common Filipino beauty standards for women include having soft, smooth skin without any wrinkles or blemishes. Filipinas also typically prefer light-colored skin tones, although dark-skinned women can be beautiful too. Some common hair styles for Filipino women include straight hair down to the waist or shoulder length, and sometimes curly hair is worn in a bun or braid.

    Types of hair

    There are a few types of hair that Filipinas are usually expected to have. These include straight, wavy or curly hair, and hair that is either light-colored or dark-colored. Some women also choose to dye their hair a different color every month or two to show off their latest hairstyle.

    Some Filipinas even go so far as to have extensions put in their hair in order to achieve the perfect look. Other popular beauty standards include wearing bright lip colors and nail polish, and using face scrub and lotion every day.

    Types of eyes

    There are different types of eyes that Filipino women are traditionally judged on, based on their ethnicity. The most popular among these is the “brown-eye look,” which is defined as having a dark brown or black eye color with a natural look. Other common features include almond-shaped eyes and full eyelashes.

    Asian eyes are also popular, especially for women who want to appear more sophisticated or elegant. They often have slanted eyes and high cheekbones, which can be achieved with make-up or surgery. Caucasians and other foreigners are also frequently featured in ads and magazine covers because they generally have lighter skin than Filipinos and look more exotic.

    Filipino beauty tips

    Filipina beauty standards are based on the belief that a woman’s attractiveness is based on her own qualities and not what other people think of her. In general, Filipinas tend to have light skin, big eyes and a trim figure. Here are some Filipino beauty tips to help you achieve this look:

    1) Avoid using harsh chemicals or products on your skin. Natural skin care products are better for your skin since they don’t contain harsh chemicals.
    2) Stay hydrated, especially during hot weather. Drink plenty of water and avoid getting sunburned.
    3) Apply mineral makeup instead of using creamy foundations. Mineral makeup is less likely to cause breakouts and will also give your skin a subtle glow.
    4) Use natural hair products to keep your hair healthy and shiny. Try coconut oil, henna or castor oil as ingredients in your hair care products.
    5) Use a tinted moisturizer or foundation if you want to lighten or darken your skin tone, respectively.


    Filipina beauty is all about natural features, clean skin, and a soft complexion. The following are some of the Filipino beauty standards that women should aspire to:

    1) Keep your skin clean by using gentle cleansers and avoiding harsh soap.

    2) Avoid wearing makeup if you can help it. If you must wear foundation or powder, choose lightweight options that don’t accentuate dryness and lines on your face.

    3) Avoid using hair products that contain sulfates or bleach, as these chemicals can damage your locks. Instead, opt for conditioners made with botanical ingredients like camomile or argan oil to keep your hair healthy and manageable.

    4) Use light moisturizers during the winter when the weather is drier and harsher on the skin. During summertime, use heavier lotions to protect against sun exposure and heatstroke.


    👩‍🦰 As a Filipina woman, you’ve surely heard of the beauty standards that are unique to our culture. But what are they exactly? Let’s dive into the details of what it means to be a Simple Filipina Beauty! 🤩

    From skin tone to facial features, there are certain features that are commonly seen as desirable in a Filipino woman. The first is having a fair complexion. A light skin tone is often seen as a sign of beauty, wealth, and status. 💁‍♀️

    Next, the shape of a Filipina face is often seen as attractive. This means having a small, narrow face with a pointed chin. 🤳

    Lastly, long and thick hair is often seen as a sign of beauty. This is why many Filipino women take great pride in their hair, often taking care of it with special treatments and styling it in elaborate ways. 💇‍♀️

    Of course, beauty is about more than just physical features. It’s also about having a positive attitude and a confident personality. Filipino women are known for their strong sense of self and their ability to take care of themselves as well as others. 🧘‍♀️

    So, these are just a few of the characteristics that make up the Simple Filipina Beauty standard. As you can see, these are standards that all Filipino women should strive to reach. After all, it’s not just our physical features that make us beautiful, but also our minds, hearts, and souls. 💖


    Filipina beauty is unique and admired around the world. The local culture recognizes natural beauty in women that includes an array of physical characteristics, but also extends to one’s character and inner self. Traditional Filipina beauty standards emphasize an overall well-rounded look that celebrates both physical grace and moral virtue.

    Traditionally, Filipino women are expected to have dark complexion, almond-shaped eyes, full lips and a petite frame – features which have been celebrated for centuries across the islands of the Philippines. Moreover, it is important for Filipino women to strive for a moderate figure without appearing too thin or too heavy in order to satisfy traditional Filipino beauty standards. Having good manners and etiquettes is also highly valued within Filipino culture as this reflects a woman’s inner goodness.


    🇵🇭 When it comes to beauty, Filipinas are among the most celebrated in the world. From the iconic beauty queens to the everyday woman, Filipina beauty is an undeniable force that can’t be denied. But what exactly are the Filipino beauty standards for women?

    The answer is multifaceted and depends on who you ask. While many Filipinas are celebrated for their physical beauty—ranging from their smooth skin, captivating eyes, and their gorgeous smiles—there is so much more that goes into Filipino beauty than just the physical.

    Filipino beauty is best represented by a woman’s inner beauty, or as Filipinos call it, “babae.” Babae stands for beauty, intelligence, kindness, and grace. It encompasses the traits that make a woman desirable, not just physically, but also emotionally and spiritually.

    In the Filipino culture, a woman’s beauty is also judged by her overall demeanor and behavior. It is thought that a woman should be respectful, humble, and hardworking in order to be considered beautiful. She should also be respectful to her family and friends and be able to take care of her responsibilities.

    The beauty of a Filipina woman is also connected to her physical appearance. While many Filipinas are celebrated for their smooth skin, captivating eyes, and gorgeous smiles, physical beauty is not the only standard. Women are also expected to be well groomed and to take care of their hair, nails, and makeup.

    Filipino beauty standards for women also encompass a woman’s wardrobe. While fashion trends come and go, Filipinas are still expected to dress in a modest and classy manner. It is also important for a Filipina woman to be able to carry herself with poise and confidence.

    In the end, the Filipino beauty standard for women is based on much more than physical beauty. While a Filipina woman’s physical beauty is a part of her appeal, it is her inner beauty that truly shines through. It is this inner beauty—a combination of intelligence, grace, and kindness—that makes a Filipina truly beautiful. 🌺

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