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    Name This Traditional Japanese Martial Art That Uses Bamboo Swords.

    When you think of martial arts, you may think of jujitsu, karate, taekwondo. But do you know about tameshigiri? Tameshigiri is a traditional Japanese martial art that uses bamboo swords. It’s an incredibly graceful and deadly form of combat that is perfect for someone who wants to learn how to defend themselves without resorting to violence. If you’re curious about this lesser-known martial art and want to learn more, read on for a detailed guide on how to practice it. You may be surprised at just how useful it can be in the real world.

    What is Koryu?

    Koryu is a traditional Japanese martial art that uses bamboo swords. It developed in the 12th century and is based on the use of long, curved swords called kanabo. Koryu practitioners train their body and skills extensively to be able to fight with the kanabo effectively. Koryu is famous for its fast, powerful strikes and its ability to incapacitate an opponent quickly.

    History of Koryu

    Koryu is a highly respected traditional Japanese martial art that uses bamboo swords. The earliest evidence of koryu dates back to the Muromachi period (1336-1573), and it was popularized during the Sengoku period (1467-1596). Koryu practitioners use a variety of techniques, including tsujin-giri (thrusting cuts), uchi-sotoge (turning thrusts), and yokoge (grabbing cuts). Although koryu is no longer as popular as it once was, it remains an important part of Japanese culture.

    Training and practice of Koryu

    Koryu, meaning “martial art of the samurai,” is a collection of techniques and fighting styles that developed in Japan over many centuries. Today, Koryu practitioners continue to refine their techniques through regular training and practice.

    One of the most important aspects of Koryu training is practice with bamboo swords. These weapons are particularly well-suited for practicing cutting and stabbing techniques, as they are lightweight and can be easily manoeuvred. In addition to practical use, Koryu practitioners also train with bamboo swords for spiritual reasons. They believe that the energy inherent in bamboo can help them develop concentration and strength of character.

    Techniques of Koryu

    Koryu is a style of Japanese martial arts that employs bamboo swords. Koryu was developed in the 12th century and focuses on grappling and unarmed combat. The techniques used in koryu are based on principles of balance, leverage, and movement. Koryu practitioners learn to use their bamboo swords as extensions of their bodies to create openings in their opponents’ defenses and control the flow of battle.


    I hope you found this article on the traditional Japanese martial art known as kyudo helpful. Kyudo is an ancient and intricate form of fighting that uses bamboo swords. Whether you are new to martial arts or just want to learn something different, kyudo is a great option. If you would like to learn more about this fascinating art, be sure to check out our website later for more information. In the meantime, thanks for reading!

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