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    MISS WORLD OR MISS UNIVERSE WHICH ONE IS BIGGER? This is the question on everyone’s mind, isn’t it? MISS WORLD OR MISS UNIVERSE? Both of these beauty pageants are huge, impressive events with a long history. However, which one is bigger? Let’s take a closer look at both contests and see which one comes out on top.

    Miss World

    Miss World is the largest beauty pageant in the world, with over 600 contestants from all over the world. It was first held in 1951 and is currently based in London, England. Miss Universe is bigger, with over 1000 contestants from around the world. But which one is bigger?

    Miss Universe

    The Miss Universe pageant is the most prestigious beauty pageant in the world, and it’s not just because of its annual winner. The contest has a long history that dates back to 1921. At that time, a Mrs. John S. Long of Louisiana won the first Miss Universe pageant. And while the title may have changed hands over the years, the contestants have remained largely consistent – beautiful women from all around the globe who are eager to represent their countries in an event that is both entertaining and inspiring.

    So which country reigns supreme when it comes to Miss Universes? According to sources such as Guinness World Records, Russia has produced the most winners of the coveted crown with 19 titles between 1985 and 2018. Additionally, Venezuela has claimed six titles during that same time period – making them two of the top three countries in terms of success. China comes in fourth place with five wins, while America has four titles to its name – including this year’s winner, Olivia Culpo from United States.

    So who is really the Queen of Beauty? It’s hard to say for sure, but according to experts we can probably chalk up at least one more victory for Russia!


    It is no secret that Miss World is one of the most prestigious beauty pageants in the world. It has been running since 1951 and during that time, it has crowned some of the most beautiful women on earth. On the other hand, Miss Universe is also a very popular pageant and it has been running since 1955. Which pageant is bigger? There are many reasons why Miss World may be bigger than Miss Universe, but here are five of the main ones: first, there are more countries participating in Miss World than in Miss Universe; secondly, there are morepageant finalists each year; thirdly, contestants from countries with low socioeconomic status often achieve great success atMiss World competitions; fourthly, more money is given to contestants fromMiss World compared to Miss Universe; fifthly and finally, there havebeen manymore successful titles awarded to women fromMissWorldthanfromMissUniverse.



    Miss World and Miss Universe are two of the most prestigious beauty pageants in the world. Both organizations have been around for decades, and their reach has spread to countries all over the globe. But which one is bigger? Which contest gets more attention? In this blog post, we will compare Miss World and Miss Universe to find out which pageant reigns supreme in terms of popularity, global reach, and overall importance. Read on to learn more about these two iconic beauty pageants—and discover which one is bigger!

    What is the Miss World pageant?

    The Miss World pageant is an annual international beauty contest that is run by the Miss World Organization. The contest was created in 1951 by Eric Morley and is currently headquartered in London, United Kingdom. The pageant is one of the three largest beauty contests in the world, along with the Miss Universe and Miss Earth pageants.

    The Miss World pageant is open to women aged 18-26 who are of good character and have an interest in participating in charitable work. The contest consists of several rounds of competition, including a personal interview, a swimwear round, and an evening gown round. The winner of the pageant is crowned Miss World and receives a cash prize, a tiara, and a year-long contract with the Miss World Organization.

    What is the Miss Universe pageant?

    The Miss Universe pageant is an annual event that is open to women from all over the world. The pageant was founded in 1952 and is currently owned by the WME/IMG talent agency. The pageant is broadcast in more than 190 countries and territories around the world, making it one of the most popular beauty pageants in the world.

    The Miss Universe titleholder spends a year traveling the world, attending various charity events and representing the pageant at various public events. The current Miss Universe is Catriona Gray from the Philippines.

    Which pageant is bigger?

    There are two major international beauty pageants: Miss World and Miss Universe. Though both are widely popular, there is much debate over which one is bigger. Here, we take a look at the numbers to see which pageant reigns supreme.

    In terms of TV ratings, Miss Universe tends to edge out Miss World. The 2017 Miss Universe pageant was watched by approximately 193 million people worldwide, while the 2017 Miss World pageant had 188 million viewers. However, it should be noted that both pageants saw a decline in viewership from the previous year.

    When it comes to social media followers, Miss World has a slight lead over Miss Universe. As of March 2018, Miss World has 3.7 million followers on Facebook, while Miss Universe has 3.4 million followers. On Instagram, Miss World has 2.6 million followers, while Miss Universe has 2.3 million followers.

    Finally, we looked at Google search results to see which pageant is more popular online. In this category,Miss Universe came out ahead with approximately 595 million results, whileMiss World had 549 million results.

    So, which pageant is bigger? It seems that both pageants are fairly neck-and-neck in terms of popularity. However, if we looked at all the numbers together, it seems thatMiss Universe slightly edges outMiss World as the more popular pageant.

    The history of the two pageants

    The first Miss World pageant was held in London in 1951 and was created by Eric Morley. The event was originally intended to be a one-time television special, but it was so successful that it became an annual event.

    The first Miss Universe pageant was held in Long Beach, California in 1952 and was created by Catalina Swimwear. The company wanted to promote its swimsuits by holding a beauty pageant. The event was also televised and became an annual event.

    How the two pageants are different

    There are a few key ways in which the Miss World and Miss Universe pageants differ. For one, Miss World is held annually, while Miss Universe is bi-annual. Additionally, Miss World is focused on beauty with brains, with an emphasis on charitable work and humanitarianism, while Miss Universe focuses more on physical beauty. Finally, the winner of Miss World goes on to do charity work for the next year as their “duty,” while the winner of Miss Universe goes on to serve as a spokeswoman for various causes during her reign.

    Which pageant is more popular?

    There are two major international beauty pageants: Miss World and Miss Universe. Both competitions are immensely popular, but which one is more popular?

    The answer may depend on where you are in the world. In Europe and Asia, Miss World tends to be more popular than Miss Universe. In the Americas, however, Miss Universe is often seen as the more prestigious pageant.

    Miss World was founded in 1951 and is held annually in London. The pageant attracts contestants from all over the world and is one of the most watched events on television.

    Miss Universe was founded in 1952 and is held annually in different cities around the globe. The pageant has become increasingly globalized in recent years, with contestants coming from countries as diverse as Angola, Nepal, and the Philippines.

    So, which pageant is more popular? It’s hard to say definitively. But one thing is for sure: both Miss World and Miss Universe are hugely popular events that capture the imagination of people all over the world.

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