Measuring powdered sugar


A teaspoon is the most common way to measure powdered sugar, but not the most accurate. When a recipe calls for “1 cup of powdered sugar,” that usually means 8 ounces. But because 1 cup of all-purpose flour weighs 4 ounces, and 1 cup of granulated sugar weighs 7 ounces, it can be confusing. So how do you measure powdered sugar correctly?

Here’s the thing: one pound of powdered sugar has 16 cups, and each cup has approximately 24 teaspoons. So when a recipe calls for “1 cup of powdered sugar,” they really mean 24 teaspoons (1/16th of a pound). One level teaspoon of powdered sugar is equivalent to about 3 grams or 1/2 teaspoon of granulated sugar.

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    To measure powdered sugar, first lightly spoon it into a dry measuring cup. Then level off the top of the sugar with a knife. Finally, measure the sugar in cups or tablespoons.


    Measuring powdered sugar is an essential part of any baker’s repertoire. Whether for recipes involving cupcakes, cookies or other baked goods, accuracy when measuring this basic ingredient is key to achieving a consistently delicious taste and texture. To ensure the perfect outcome every time, it’s important to know how to properly measure powdered sugar.

    When measuring out powdered sugar, it’s best to use a dry measuring cup with clear markings that indicate the measurements you need. Don’t tap or shake the cup; instead, use a spoon to scoop your powder and lightly fill the cup until it’s slightly overflowing. Then use the back of a knife or another straight edge tool to level off the top for an accurate measurement. For smaller amounts, consider using measuring spoons instead of cups for better precision in your measurements.

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