Lisa without makeup: Why does Lisa from Blackpink look so ugly without makeup?


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    Lisa without makeup: Why does Lisa from Blackpink look so ugly without makeup?

    Lisa from Blackpink is one of the most popular K-pop singers in the world, and for a good reason: her voice is incredible. But even with her amazing talent, Lisa manages to look pretty bad without any makeup on. Now, we’re not saying that she’s ugly on a regular basis—in fact, she can look quite stunning when she puts her makeup on. But when she doesn’t have any on, you can see the real Lisa, which is not always a pretty sight. So what’s going on here? Why does Lisa look so ugly without makeup? We analyzed her photos and came up with six possible explanations. Read on to find out which one applies to you and start improving your makeup game to look as beautiful as Lisa without makeup!

    Lisa from Blackpink is known for her beautiful makeup look

    Lisa from Blackpink is known for her beautiful makeup look, but without makeup she can look quite ugly. Lisa has a pretty round face with high cheekbones, but without any makeup she looks more like an average woman. Her skin is also quite dry and lacks the glow that comes with having good skin care. Here are 5 reasons why Lisa from Blackpink looks so ugly without makeup:

    1) Lack of Coverage: Lisa’s makeup doesn’t covers her skin properly, which makes her look dry and tired. If you want to achieve a natural-looking makeup look, it is important to use products that cover your skin well and give you a radiant complexion.

    2) Poor Quality Makeup: Lisa’s make up is also of poor quality. She uses too many glossy products that make her face look shiny and artificial. You should instead opt for matte lipsticks or powders to give your face a natural appearance.

    3) Dry Skin: Another reason why Lisa from Blackpink looks unattractive without makeup is because she has dry skin. When your skin is dry, it becomes less elastic and breaks out easily in acne spots. This combination of bad skin care and lack of coverage means that Lisa’s pores are visible and she often has raccoon eyes (a common problem with people who don’t wear enough eye cream).

    4) Wrong Foundation Shade: One of the main problems with Lisa’s makeup is that her foundation shade doesn’t match her skin tone. Instead of using a light or medium foundation, Lisa usually opts for a full coverage foundation which makes her skin look heavy and cakey.

    5) Wrong Type of Makeup: Lisa also uses the wrong type of makeup. She tends to use too many highlighters and contouring products which give her an unnatural appearance. You should instead focus on using natural foundations and bronzer to achieve a more natural look.

    Lisa without makeup reveals her ugly face

    Lisa from Blackpink looks so ugly without makeup that she’s almost unrecognizable. Lisa had a lot of fans when she first debuted with her tight dresses and bright makeup, but now that she’s sans makeup, many people say her face is downright ugly.

    The biggest issue with Lisa’s appearance without makeup is that her skin looks dry and blotchy. Her forehead also appears to be much higher in elevation than it does with makeup on, which can make her appear older than her age. Additionally, Lisa’s eyes look sunken in and dark circles are visible under them.

    Many commenters on social media have said that Lisa looks like an old woman without makeup, and some have even gone so far as to call her “ugly” and “uneven.” While it’s true that Lisa doesn’t look the best sans makeup, there are other factors at play here which may have led to this unflattering outcome. For example, Lisa has frequently been criticized for being too thin and having an unhealthy appearance. This could potentially exacerbate any issues with skin texture or darkness under the eyes.

    Why does Lisa look so ugly without makeup?

    Lisa from Blackpink looks so ugly without makeup that many people believe she is not wearing any. Lisa has naturally fair skin and without foundation, blush, and lipstick she can look quite pale and tired. Without the aid of makeup, her eyes also look smaller and more sunken in.

    Some people say that Lisa’s natural appearance is actually very pretty, but they think that she looks much better with cosmetics on. Others say that Lisa’s makeup style just doesn’t suit her personality or appearance. Some people feel that Lisa does not need to wear makeup at all because she has a natural beauty which suits her well.


    Lisa from Blackpink typically looks so beautiful and flawless without makeup, but in this particular video she looks quite ugly. Her skin is dry, her eyes are sunken in, and her lips are thin and colorless. It’s clear that Lisa needs to take better care of herself both inside and out if she wants to look good all the time without any makeup on.


    Lisa without makeup: Why does Lisa from Blackpink look so ugly without makeup?

    Is it possible to be a K-Pop star and look “ugly” without makeup? For Lisa from Blackpink, the answer is yes. It’s no secret that makeup plays a huge role in the world of K-Pop. Many idols, including Lisa, often appear with full faces of makeup for photoshoots and live performances. But what happens when they take all that off? Does their beauty still remain? In this blog post, we will explore why Lisa from Blackpink looks so different without makeup and why this is an important topic to discuss. We will also discuss some of the issues surrounding K-Pop stars being judged on their looks and how it affects them personally.

    Who is Lisa?

    Lisa is a member of the K-pop girl group Blackpink. She was born in Thailand and is of Chinese descent. Lisa is the main rapper and lead dancer of Blackpink.

    Lisa without makeup is often criticized for her appearance. People say that she looks ugly without makeup, but why?

    There are several reasons why Lisa may look different without makeup. First, Lisa has monolids, which means that her eyes look smaller without eyeliner or other eye makeup. Second, she has very fair skin, so she often wears foundation and blush to help add color to her face. Third, she has a strong jawline, which can make her look masculine without contouring or other facial makeup.

    Despite the criticisms, Lisa is still a beautiful woman, inside and out. She is talented, hardworking, and kind-hearted. So even if she doesn’t look perfect without makeup, she is still perfect to us!

    Why does Lisa look so ugly without makeup?

    When it comes to celebrities and their appearance, we often see them with perfect makeup on and looking flawless. So, when we see them without makeup, it can be quite a shock! Lisa from the K-pop group Blackpink is no exception. Recently, photos of her surfaced online without any makeup on and she looked completely different!

    Many fans were quick to point out that Lisa looks much better with makeup on and speculated that she might have some skin issues that she’s trying to cover up. Others were more forgiving, saying that everyone looks different without makeup and that we shouldn’t be so quick to judge.

    What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

    What do people think about Lisa’s appearance?

    When it comes to Lisa’s appearance, people seem to be pretty divided. Some people think that she looks better without makeup, while others find her appearance to be more natural and down-to-earth. There are also those who believe that Lisa looks prettier with makeup on, as it accentuates her features more. However, at the end of the day, it really boils down to personal preference.

    How does Lisa feel about her appearance?

    Lisa is one of the most beautiful women in the world, and she knows it. She loves her appearance and takes care of herself. However, she doesn’t like to wear a lot of makeup because she feels that it hides her true beauty. Lisa is confident in her own skin and doesn’t need to rely on makeup to look good.

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