India’s Neighbouring Countries And Their Capitals And Currencies


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    India’s Neighbouring Countries And Their Capitals And Currencies

    When it comes to world affairs, everybody knows that India is a big player. But what do you know about India’s neighbouring countries? In this blog post, we will take a look at some of India’s neighbouring countries and their capitals and currencies. From Bhutan to Nepal to Sri Lanka, read on to learn more about these countries and how they can impact your life.


    India is the world’s second most populous country after China and spans across an area of 3,287,590 square kilometers. It has a population of over 1.3 billion people. India shares borders with Pakistan to the north-west, Bangladesh to the south-east, and Nepal to the east. The country is further divided into 23 states and seven union territories. The capital city is New Delhi while Mumbai is the most populous city in terms of population. The currency in use in India is the Indian rupee.


    Pakistan is a country located in the south-western region of Asia. It shares borders with Afghanistan to the north and west, Iran and India to the east, and Bangladesh and Sri Lanka to the south. The capital of Pakistan is Islamabad. Pakistan’s official currency is the Pakistani Rupee.


    Bangladesh is located in South Asia, bordering India to the west and northwest, and Myanmar to the northeast. The country has an area of 147,500 square kilometers, making it the world’s eighth-largest country by total area. Bangladesh is also the world’s fourth most populous country with over 150 million people. The official currency of Bangladesh is the Bangladeshi taka (BDT). One BDT equals 100 Shares. India is the main trading partner and source of aid for Bangladesh. The two countries have a strong relationship based on shared culture and religion as well as open borders.

    Bangladesh was formerly known as East Pakistan and became an independent country on December 16th, 1971. Dhaka is the capital city and largest city in Bangladesh. Other major cities include Chittagong, Sylhet, Khulna, Barisal, Rajshahi, Rangpur, Cox’s Bazar and Maghbazar. The Bengali language is spoken by 98% of the population while English is understood by about 2%. Buddhism is the predominant religion in Bangladesh while Islam is second most popular after Buddhism.

    Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka is a country in South Asia. It is located near India, and shares a border with the Maldives. Sri Lanka has an area of 242,000 square kilometers. The capital city is Colombo. The currency in Sri Lanka is the Sri Lankan rupee.


    Nepal is a landlocked country located in south-central Asia. It is bordered by China, India, and Bhutan. The capital and largest city is Kathmandu. Nepal’s official currency is the Nepalese rupee.


    As you may know, India is home to an astonishing diversity of cultures and religions. In addition, it borders four other countries – Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Pakistan. These neighboring countries have their own unique cultures and currencies which are worth knowing about if you’re planning a trip to one of them. Here’s a rundown of the main things to keep in mind when traveling to these countries: Nepal: Nepalese currency is the rupee ( NPR). The current exchange rate is NPR 1 = US $0.15. Bhutan: The baht ( BHT) is the national currency of Bhutan. It has a current exchange rate of BHT 1 = US $0.30. Bangladesh: Bangladeshi taka ( TK) is the national currency of Bangladesh. It has a current exchange rate of TK 10 = US $1.00 Pakistan: Pakistani rupee ( PKR) is the national currency of Pakistan. It has a current exchange rate of PKR 100 = US $10.00

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