If You Can’T Stop Thinking About Someone Are They Thinking About You


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    If You Can’T Stop Thinking About Someone Are They Thinking About You

    You know the drill: you’re out with your friends, having a great time, when suddenly you catch a glimpse of someone you used to date. It’s frustrating enough when this happens in person – imagine how much worse it is when it happens online. Online dating is full of surprises, and it can be hard not to obsess over every single one of them. But if you’re trying to have a healthy relationship with someone new, it’s important not to let your mind wander all over the place. Here are five ways to stop thinking about someone all the time:

    What Are the Signs Someone Is Thinking About You?

    If you can’t stop thinking about someone, it might be because they’re on your mind. The following are the signs someone is thinking about you:

    1. They text or call you a lot.
    2. They try to stay in touch even when they don’t have anything planned.
    3. They change their behavior around you.
    4. They keep looking back at old conversations or memories with you.
    5. They make an effort to spend time with you, even if it’s just for a quick conversation.

    How to Deal When You Feel Like They’re Thinking About You Too Much

    If you find yourself wondering if the person you’re attracted to is thinking about you all the time, it might be because they are. “People tend to think more about things that interest them,” says Barbara Fredrickson, PhD, a professor of psychology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. And when we’re interested in someone, our minds will naturally pay more attention to them. As a result, if someone you like spends most of their time thinking about you, it can make you feel pretty good—even though it may not be reciprocated. So how do you deal with this kind of itchiness? If it’s been going on for a while and your feelings haven’t changed for the other person, there are three main options: Talk To Them About It

    Tell Yourself They Aren’T Interested In You

    Question Your Attraction To Them “Talking About It” Probably Isn’t The Best Option If talking about your feelings with the person isn’t working and they still seem focused on you, maybe it’s time to confront them directly. This can be tricky because it’s likely they’ll deny any interest in you (or try to change the subject). But if that doesn’t work and your feelings haven’t changed no matter how much they deny it, then maybe it’s time to question your attraction. “It can help to ask yourself tough questions such as: Why do I feel this way around


    If you can’t stop thinking about someone, it’s likely they are thinking about you too. In fact, according to a study conducted by Match.com, 98% of people think about the person they’re attracted to at least once a day. So if you happen to be obsessing over that hot guy or gal in your class or simply find yourself constantly wondering what they’re up to, chances are they’re probably feeling the same way about you! If this situation is causing discomfort or awkwardness for either of you, consider talking to your friends and family members about how you’re feeling so that you can get some perspective on the matter.

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