Explain Recursive And Non Recursive Algorithm For Binary Search


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    Explain Recursive And Non Recursive Algorithm For Binary Search

    Algorithm is a step by step plan that tells something how to do. In simple words, an algorithm is a set of instructions that will solve a problem for you. Recursive algorithm is a type of algorithm that finds the solution to a problem by calling itself. Non recursive algorithm does not call itself and it is more efficient. In this blog post, we will explore the recursive and non recursive algorithm for binary search.

    What is a Recursive Algorithm?

    A recursive algorithm is an algorithm that can be executed multiple times in a loop. This is different from a non-recursive algorithm which is an algorithm that can only be executed once. Recursive algorithms are faster because they can run more times than non-recursive algorithms and can also find the desired item quicker. There are two types of recursive algorithms, the simple and the efficient recursive algorithm. The simple recursive algorithm simply calls itself multiple times with the same input. The efficient recursive algorithm takes advantage of computer resources to run more quickly.

    What is a Non-Recursive Algorithm?

    A non-recursive algorithm is an algorithm that does not use the recursion principle. The recursion principle states that if we know the result of a particular step in an algorithm, then we can calculate the result of the next step in the algorithm based on this information. A non-recursive algorithm does not rely on this principle, and as a result, must calculate each result explicitly.

    One example of a non-recursive algorithm is the binary search algorithm. This algorithm works by searching for a certain item within a list of items. To do this, we first determine how far into the list we need to search and then start counting from that point forward. Once we’ve counted to the item we’re looking for, we compare it to the item at our current position in the list. If they are equal, then we’ve found ouritem and stopped searching; if they’re not equal, then we continue counting down from our current position until we find an item that matches ours, and then return that item as ourresult.

    How do Recursive and Non-Recursive Algorithms Work?

    Non-recursive algorithms work by advancing the search tree until a matched item is found. The algorithm then recurses down the tree, updating the values of nodes that were used to find the matched item. This process continues until the algorithm reaches a leaf node and either finds no more matches or runs out of memory.

    Recursive algorithms are similar to non-recursive algorithms, but they also keep track of where they’ve already searched. When the recursive algorithm encounters a new item to search for, it calculates its index of first occurrence in the data set. From this index, it searches through all the nodes below it in the search tree, repeating this process until it either finds the matching item or runs out of memory.

    Comparison of Recursive and Non-Recursive Algorithms for Binary Search

    There are two main types of binary search algorithms: recursive and non-recursive. A recursive binary search algorithm is one that uses a loop to repeat the process of finding an item. A non-recursive algorithm does not use a loop, and instead relies on the fact that in most cases, the item will be found near the beginning or end of the search array.

    Both types of algorithms have their own advantages and disadvantages. Recursive algorithms are faster because they can run several times faster than non-recursive algorithms on average. However, recursive algorithms can also get bogged down if the array is large, while non-recursive algorithms may not even need to examine all of the elements in the search array if it is small enough.

    Another important consideration when selecting an algorithm is how sensitive the searched item is to being missed. If an item is very sensitive, then a recursive algorithm might be preferable because it will inspect more elements in the search array. Conversely, if an item is less sensitive, then a non-recursive algorithm might be better because it will execute more quickly but may miss items less often.


    A recursive algorithm will go through the list of items and keep track of how many times it has been called. If it is called again with a smaller item, it will return the smaller item instead of the entire list. A non recursive algorithm does not keep track of how often it has been called. It just returns the first item found.

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