BEST SLICE OF LIFE MOVIES: What are some must watch ‘slice of life’ movies?


Slices of life are those movies that don’t have a traditional narrative structure. They can be about anything and everything as long as they’re relatable and genuine. Here are some great slice of life films that you should watch:

The Big Sick

The Big Sick is directed by Michael Showalter and produced by Judd Apatow. The film stars Kumail Nanjiani, Zoe Kazan, Holly Hunter, Ray Romano and Anupam Kher. It tells the story of a Pakistani comedian named Kumail (Nanjiani) who falls in love with an American grad student named Emily (Kazan). However when she suddenly gets very ill and has to go into a coma for several weeks, he must deal with her parents while they learn more about each other’s cultures and countries.

The movie won many awards including Best Original Screenplay at the 90th Academy Awards in 2018!

Lady Bird

  • S. Ronan and G. Gerwig
  • Released in 2017
  • A coming of age story about a teenage girl named Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson, who struggles with identity and relationships. The film received critical acclaim, with praise for its direction, screenplay, performances (particularly Ronan), musical score and soundtrack

The Florida Project

The Florida Project is a 2017 American drama film written and directed by Sean Baker, in his feature directorial debut. It stars Willem Dafoe, Brooklynn Prince, Bria Vinaite, Valeria Cotto and Christopher Rivera.

The film was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture at the 90th Academy Awards.[1] It won Best Actress (Bria Vinaite) at the Independent Spirit Awards.[2]

Obvious Child

Obvious Child is a movie that you’re going to want to watch if you love comedies, coming-of-age stories, and/or dramas. It’s about a twenty-something woman who has an abortion after having sex with a one night stand. The film was written and directed by Gillian Robespierre, who also stars in it as Donna Stern (the main character). Other notable actors include Jenny Slate (Juno), Jake Lacy (Hello Ladies), Gaby Hoffman (The Last Five Years) and David Cross (Arrested Development).

On the Basis of Sex

  • This movie is based on a true story about Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her struggle for gender equality. It’s set in the 1970s, when women were fighting for their rights as citizens.
  • The director of this film is Mimi Leder, who has directed many other movies like Deep Impact (1998), Pay It Forward (2000) and Pompeii (2014). She also received an Emmy nomination for directing Uprising: The Underground Railroad (2016).
  • In this movie you can see Felicity Jones as Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Armie Hammer as Martin Ginsburg and Justin Theroux as Mel Wulfeck who was one of her law professors at Harvard Law School where she studied before becoming an attorney herself!

Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Hedwig and the Angry Inch is a film adaptation of the 1998 John Cameron Mitchell-written and Stephen Trask-composed Off-Broadway musical of the same name. The film follows Hedwig, a transgender woman from East Berlin who came to America to start her life anew after serving time in prison for committing an act of war against her former lover and army officer, Luther Robinson. However, when she arrives in New York City, she finds herself struggling with her gender identity as well as her relationship with Tommy Gnosis–a young man who wants nothing more than to be famous in order for him to find happiness in life.

Hedwig’s story begins when she was still known as Hansel Schmidt: an orphan who grew up during World War II before being sent away by his foster parents because they couldn’t deal with him anymore due to their bigotry towards homosexuals (which was very common back then). After leaving home at age 14 years old while still living under Hitler’s regime–and later becoming pregnant after having sex with another boy named Franz–Hansel becomes involved with another man named Luther Robinson while serving his military service overseas; however things don’t work out between them because Luther ends up cheating on him multiple times throughout their relationship which eventually led up into one big fight where both parties ended up getting hurt pretty badly…so much so that it caused them both needing medical attention afterwards.

Short Term 12

Short Term 12 is a 2013 American drama film written and directed by Destin Daniel Cretton. The film stars Brie Larson, John Gallagher Jr., Rami Malek, Kaitlyn Dever and Keith Stanfield.

The story follows Grace (Larson), a supervisor at a foster home for at risk teens who forms an attachment with her newest charge Jayden (Stanfield).


So, if you’re looking for a way to relax after a long day and want to learn about other people’s lives, slice of life movies are the perfect way to do so. They can also be an inspiration for us in our own lives and help us get out of our comfort zones.

Takeaway: If you want to relax after a long day or learn about other people’s lives (and maybe even your own), slice of life movies are the perfect choice!

I hope that this list of movies has given you some ideas on what to watch next. Remember, there are plenty more great slice-of-life films out there waiting for you to discover them!

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    Have you ever watched a movie that made you feel like you were living the character’s life? A movie that captured everyday moments so perfectly, it felt like you were right there with them? If so, then you’ve experienced the magic of ‘slice of life’ movies. These films offer a glimpse into real-life situations and characters, without any Hollywood exaggeration. They’re raw, honest, and relatable – making them some of the most popular movies out there. So if you’re looking for an authentic cinematic experience, here are some must-watch slice of life movies to add to your list!

    What is a ‘slice of life’ movie?

    A ‘slice of life’ movie is a film that portrays the everyday experiences of its characters. These movies often focus on mundane or routine events, rather than major plot points or action sequences. They’re meant to capture a snapshot of real life – warts and all.

    One reason why these films are so popular is that they offer a refreshing break from the typical Hollywood blockbuster formula. Instead of relying on special effects and big-name stars, slice of life movies rely on authentic acting and relatable storylines to draw in audiences.

    Although these films can cover any genre, they tend to be more character-driven than plot-driven. This means that viewers get to know the characters intimately and become invested in their lives – even if nothing particularly exciting is happening on screen.

    Slice of life movies provide a unique perspective on human nature and an opportunity for introspection. They remind us that even the most mundane moments can hold meaning and significance – if we take the time to appreciate them.

    Examples of ‘slice of life’ movies

    There are a plethora of ‘slice of life’ movies out there that portray everyday experiences in the most relatable and authentic way possible. One such example is ‘Lost in Translation’ which showcases the relationship between two strangers who form an unlikely bond while navigating through their loneliness in Tokyo. The movie manages to capture the essence of human connection and beautifully portrays how people can find solace even when they feel lost.

    Another must-watch ‘slice of life’ movie is ‘Eighth Grade’, which follows 13-year-old Kayla as she struggles with anxiety, self-doubt, and social awkwardness during her final week of middle school. It’s a raw depiction of adolescence that will make you cringe, laugh, and cry all at once.

    The critically acclaimed film ‘Boyhood’ is also a great example of a ‘slice-of-life’ movie. Shot over twelve years, it chronicles the life journey of Mason from childhood to adulthood with all its ups and downs – family dynamics, first love, heartbreaks, career choices among others – making it one profound experience for viewers.

    These movies showcase day-to-day events without any dramatic or exaggerated elements but still manage to leave an impact on viewers by perfectly capturing emotions we’ve all felt at some point in our lives.

    Why are ‘slice of life’ movies so popular?

    ‘Slice of life’ movies showcase the everyday moments and experiences that resonate with viewers on a personal level. These films offer an escape from the grandiose Hollywood productions, allowing audiences to connect with realistic characters facing relatable challenges.

    Unlike other genres, ‘slice of life’ movies don’t rely on action-packed sequences or special effects to captivate their audience. Instead, they focus on character development and storytelling, creating an emotional attachment between viewers and the characters they’re watching.

    Additionally, ‘slice of life’ movies can serve as a reminder for us to appreciate the small things in our lives that often go unnoticed or taken for granted. From simple conversations over dinner to walking down the street with loved ones – these films remind us how precious those little moments are.

    It’s no surprise why ‘slice of life’ movies have gained such popularity over recent years. They provide a refreshing change from traditional Hollywood blockbusters while offering relatable stories that leave lasting impressions on their audience.

    What makes a ‘slice of life’ movie good?

    In conclusion, ‘slice of life’ movies are a wonderful way to experience different perspectives and stories that we can all relate to on some level. They allow us to escape our own lives for a little while and immerse ourselves in the lives of others.

    What makes a ‘slice of life’ movie good is its ability to evoke emotions and connect with its audience. A great ‘slice of life’ movie will make you laugh, cry, or feel something deeply personal. It should also have characters that are relatable and authentic, as well as a storyline that feels genuine.

    Ultimately, whether you’re looking for heartwarming comedies or poignant dramas, there’s sure to be a ‘slice of life’ movie out there for everyone. So go ahead and add some of these must-watch films to your list – you won’t regret it!

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