BEST POEMS ABOUT LIFE: What are your favorite poems about life and living?


This is a list of poems about life and living, with some of my favorite poems by famous poets like Maya Angelou, Walt Whitman and even Emily Dickinson.

What is your favorite poem about LIFE?

  • What do you get out of it, and how does it make you feel? Please share your favorite lines and poems that you have read about life, living, our existence.
  • How does this particular work affect your thinking about the world around us and the people in it. Please leave a comment below with your favorite poem that you have read about life, living and our existence. I would love to hear what you think of these poems and if they make you feel anything at all.

What is your favorite poem about being HUMAN?

This can be a poem that explores the nature of humanity, or one that focuses on the experiences we share as human beings. It might even be a poem that highlights how we are all connected.

What is your favorite poem about LIFE and HAPPINESS?

There are many great poems about life, but these are my favorites:

  • The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost
  • The Road Less Traveled by M. Scott Peck (a psychotherapist who wrote this book)
  • To be of use by Wendell Berry (a farmer and poet)
  • Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans by John Lennon


If you are looking for a poem that speaks to your own experiences, look no further. This list includes many different poems about life and living, from the perspective of a child, an adult and even an animal. From celebrations to reflections on death and loss, these poems will give you something new to consider each time you read them.

If you want someone else in your life (or yourself) to appreciate poetry more than they already do, this list can help with that too! Poetry is so much more than just words on paper–it’s also an opportunity for reflection and inspiration when we’re feeling down or stressed out by our daily routines. Reading aloud can be especially effective at helping us connect with others through shared experiences while also giving us time alone with our thoughts before sharing them again later on when appropriate–or even just letting others know how we feel without worrying about whether those feelings are understood correctly by everyone else involved in conversations around similar topics.

As you can see, there are many great poems out there that speak to our lives and humanity. I hope this list has inspired you to read some poetry, or even write your own!

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    Life is a journey filled with ups and downs, twists and turns, joys and sorrows. It’s a journey that we all embark on from the moment we take our first breath. And what better way to capture the essence of this journey than through poetry? Poets have long been fascinated by life’s mysteries, using words as their medium to express the beauty and complexity of existence. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best poems about life that will make you reflect on your own journey in profound ways. So sit back, relax, and let these verses inspire you!

    Life is a Journey by Mary Oliver

    Mary Oliver’s “Life is a Journey” is a poignant reminder that life is not just about the destination, but the journey itself. In her signature style of simple and elegant language, Oliver reminds us that we are all travelers on this earth, and that every moment offers an opportunity to learn and grow.

    The poem takes us on a journey through various landscapes – from mountains to rivers – as if to remind us that life can take many different paths. The speaker acknowledges the difficulties we may face along the way (“there are days when your body is broken”), but ultimately concludes with a message of hope: “But listen to me: / All I have done is learned / To sit still, be empty.”

    Perhaps what makes this poem so powerful is its ability to capture our shared human experience in just a few lines. It invites us to reflect on our own journeys and find meaning in them, no matter how difficult they may seem at times.

    In essence, Mary Oliver’s “Life is a Journey” encourages us to embrace each step of our journey with open arms and an open mind. Because it’s not just about where we end up – it’s also about who we become along the way.

    The Journey of Life by Helen Steiner Rice

    “The Journey of Life” by Helen Steiner Rice is a beautiful poem that speaks to the journey we all must take in life. The poem encourages us to embrace the journey and to trust that everything will work out in the end.

    The first stanza reminds us that life is not always easy, but it’s important to keep moving forward despite any challenges or setbacks we may face. We are encouraged to trust in our own strength and resilience as we navigate through difficult times.

    In the second stanza, Rice reminds us of the importance of having hope and faith. She emphasizes how vital it is for us to believe in ourselves and our dreams even when things seem impossible or bleak.

    The third stanza speaks about living each moment fully without worrying too much about what lies ahead. It encourages us to focus on enjoying every day instead of constantly stressing over what tomorrow may bring.

    Finally, “The Journey of Life” concludes with a message of gratitude for all the blessings we have been given along our path. It reminds us that even though there may be hardships, there is also so much beauty in this world if only we take the time to appreciate it.

    Overall, “The Journey of Life” by Helen Steiner Rice serves as a reminder for all of us that life can be tough at times, but with perseverance and faith, we can overcome anything thrown our way.

    Life Is But a Dream by Emily Dickinson

    Emily Dickinson’s poem “Life Is But a Dream” is a short and sweet reminder that our time on earth is fleeting. The title itself implies that life is not permanent, but rather temporary like a dream.

    The first stanza begins with the line “Life is but a fleeting thing,” which sets the tone for the rest of the poem. It emphasizes how quickly life passes by, and how important it is to make every moment count.

    In the second stanza, Dickinson compares life to various natural elements such as clouds and waves. This metaphorical language highlights how unpredictable life can be, just as we never know what shape clouds will take or when waves may crash upon us.

    The final two lines of the poem – “A hope beyond this mortal strife / That God will grant eternal Life” – suggest that there may be something more beyond this earthly existence. While we cannot know for sure what lies ahead after we die, these lines offer comfort in believing in an afterlife.

    Emily Dickinson’s “Life Is But a Dream” encourages us to appreciate every moment of our brief lives while also looking forward to whatever may come next.

    A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton

    One of the most heartwarming poems about life is “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton. Though not a traditional poem, it speaks to the journey we all take in life.

    The lyrics describe someone who has traveled far and wide, but still feels like they have so much further to go. It’s a reminder that no matter how far we’ve come or what obstacles we’ve overcome, there are always new challenges waiting for us on the horizon.

    But despite this uncertainty, there is an underlying optimism in the song. The narrator sings about feeling alive and hopeful as they continue on their journey. It’s a beautiful sentiment that reminds us to appreciate each moment and keep moving forward.

    Overall, “A Thousand Miles” captures both the struggles and joys of life with its poignant lyrics and upbeat melody. It’s a timeless reminder that no matter where our journeys take us, we can find happiness along the way if we just keep moving forward with hope and determination.

    My Life Flows On in Endless Song by Alfred Lord Tennyson

    Alfred Lord Tennyson’s poem “My Life Flows On in Endless Song” is a beautiful representation of the never-ending journey that is life. The poem talks about how life goes on, with its ups and downs, but we must keep moving forward.

    The poem reminds us that even though life can be difficult at times, there are always reasons to keep going. We must find joy in our everyday lives and appreciate the beauty around us. This sentiment truly captures what it means to live your best life.

    These poems about life offer unique perspectives on what it means to live and enjoy every moment of our existence. They remind us that no matter what happens in our lives, we should always strive to find happiness and embrace the journey that lies ahead.

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