APPLE PENCIL BATTERY LIFE: How long does the Apple Pencil battery last?


Apple Pencil is a stylus that lets you draw, write and interact with your iPad Pro. It’s an incredibly useful tool for artists, designers and other professionals who need to create on-screen content. But what if your Apple Pencil runs out of battery while you’re in the middle of working? Can you charge it from your computer or will you need to use a power adapter? If so, how do you attach it? We answer all these questions (and more!) below…

How long does the Apple Pencil battery last?

Apple Pencil’s battery life is about 12 hours, though that may vary depending on use. Apple says that if you’re using the pencil for typical activities like writing or drawing on an iPad Pro, its battery will last for about 12 hours. However, this does not include charging time–so if you want to know how long it takes for Apple Pencil to fully recharge itself after being drained completely (it does take some time), add about 1 hour onto your estimate.

The Apple Pencil can be charged through its Lightning connector at any point during its use; just plug it into one of your iPad Pro devices and let ‘er rip!

How do I charge the Apple Pencil?

To charge the Apple Pencil, use a Lightning cable to plug it into the Lightning port on your iPad Pro. Then, connect the other end of the Lightning cable to either a power outlet or USB wall charger.

The first time you use your Apple Pencil and after every 30 minutes of use (or when battery runs low), charge it for 30 minutes before continuing to use it.

Can I use an adapter to charge my Apple Pencil?

You can’t charge the Apple Pencil directly. The only way to charge it is by connecting it to your iPad Pro via a lightning connector and charging it through the tablet’s battery.

The Apple Pencil has no charging port on its own, so you must use an adapter if you want to charge another device with which it’s not originally compatible (like an iPhone). However, this will not work for recharging your Apple Pencil battery because there is no way for electricity from a different device’s charging cable or power source reach its internal components without being routed through an outlet first–and then into your iPad Pro before finally reaching out into space where it can then be picked up by another piece of hardware like an iPhone or Macbook Pro computer system (which could then theoretically send some of that energy back down again).

Does the Apple Pencil have a battery life indicator?

The Apple Pencil has a battery life indicator, which is a small light that glows green when the Apple Pencil has at least 30% battery life. You can use this information to plan your work accordingly and avoid running out of power in the middle of an important task!


The Apple Pencil has a battery life of about 12 hours, which is enough to use the stylus for a full day. You can see the current charge level of your Apple Pencil on an iPad or iPhone by tapping Settings > Bluetooth and then selecting “Apple Pencil” from the list of devices paired with your device.

When it’s time to recharge, simply plug your adapter into an outlet and connect it with one end of its USB cable into either end of your charging dock (or directly into one side if you’re using a Lightning Cable). Then place your pencil onto its corresponding side on top of this stand–you won’t need any additional steps beyond that!

We hope this article has helped you learn more about Apple Pencil’s battery life. We’ll keep you updated on any new information that becomes available, so be sure to check back often!

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    The Apple Pencil has revolutionized the way we interact with our iPads, making it easier than ever to take notes, draw and sketch. But if you’re a proud owner of an Apple Pencil, you may be wondering how long its battery lasts before needing a recharge. In this blog post, we’ll explore everything related to the Apple Pencil’s battery life, including tips on how to extend its lifespan and ensure that your creativity never runs out of juice!

    Battery Life

    The battery life of the Apple Pencil depends on how often you use it and what tasks you perform. On average, the battery lasts for 12 hours of continuous use, but this can vary depending on your usage habits.

    If you’re an artist who uses the Apple Pencil for drawing and sketching frequently, then you may need to charge it more often. However, if you’re only using it occasionally for note-taking or annotating documents, then the battery should last longer.

    Fortunately, charging is quick and easy – simply connect your Apple Pencil to your iPad’s lightning port using a USB cable to begin charging. It takes just 15 seconds of charging time to provide enough power for 30 minutes of use.

    One thing to keep in mind is that leaving your Apple Pencil connected to your iPad when not in use can drain its battery life faster than usual. To conserve its charge, make sure to disconnect it from your device when not actively using it.

    While the Apple Pencil’s battery life could be better considering its price tag; however with proper usage habit modifications one can get decent amount juice out of their pencil before needing a recharge!

    Apple Pencil Charging

    When it comes to charging your Apple Pencil, the process is relatively simple. You can charge your pencil either by plugging it into your iPad or through a USB power adapter using the Lightning cable that came with your pencil.

    One important thing to note is that you should only charge the Apple Pencil when its battery runs low. Overcharging can damage the battery’s lifespan and reduce its overall performance over time.

    Another helpful tip is to remove any accessories from your iPad while charging your Apple Pencil. This will ensure that there are no interruptions during the charging process and help prolong both device’s battery life in the long run.

    It’s also worth noting that depending on usage, an hour of charging can provide up to 12 hours of use for your Apple Pencil. So be sure to keep an eye on how frequently you need to charge yours and adjust accordingly.

    Keeping these tips in mind will help ensure optimal performance and longevity for both your Apple Pencil and iPad devices.

    Tips to Prolong Apple Pencil Battery Life

    By following these tips to prolong the battery life of your Apple Pencil, you can ensure that it lasts a long time before needing a recharge. Remember to always store it properly and keep it away from extreme temperatures, as this can negatively affect its battery life.

    If you notice that your Apple Pencil is not holding a charge for as long as it used to, consider replacing the battery or getting a new one altogether. With proper care and maintenance, your Apple Pencil will continue to be an indispensable tool for all your creative needs!

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