A Car Covers A Distance Of 624 Km In 6 ½ Hours. Find Its Speed?


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    A Car Covers A Distance Of 624 Km In 6 ½ Hours. Find Its Speed?

    Driving is a necessary part of life, and for many people, it’s an enjoyable hobby. But how much thought do you usually put into how fast you’re driving? Probably not a lot. In fact, the majority of drivers probably don’t even know the speed of their car. And that’s a problem, because the average speed limit in India is only 60 kmph. That means that if you were to drive your car at that speed for 624 km – the distance from Delhi to Mumbai – it would take you just over 12 hours! To put that into perspective, if you drove at this same speed from Delhi to London, it would take you over 18 days! Clearly, highway speeds are not as important as we might think. In this blog post, we will explore the basics of transportation and how it relates to speed.

    What is a car?

    A car, by definition, is a machine which can move forward or backward over the ground. It typically has four wheels, two of which are typically driven by the engine and two which are used to support the weight of the vehicle. The speed at which a car travels is determined by how fast the engine is running and how much weight the car is carrying. In general, a car will travel about 100 km per hour (62 mph) on average.

    How does a car work?

    When you start your car, the engine turns over and starts running. The fuel in the tank ignites and creates heat, which in turn spins the engine’s rotor. This causes the pistons to move up and down, creating motion inside the engine. The wheels are attached to the axle by a drivetrain, which sends power from the engine to the ground.

    How fast can a car go?

    A car can travel a distance of km in ½ hours. Find its speed?

    Assuming the car is travelling at a constant speed, what is the car’s speed when it covers the distance travelled in 1 hour?

    The car’s speed when it covers the distance travelled in 1 hour is km/h.

    What is the distance covered by a car in 6 ½ hours?

    The distance that a car can travel in 6 ½ hours is about 305 kilometers. To calculate the car’s speed, you first need to know its average speed over the course of the 6 ½ hour journey. The average speed is calculated by taking the total distance traveled and dividing it by the time spent traveling. In this case, the car traveled 305 kilometers in 6 ½ hours and spent 3 hours traveling. Therefore, the car’s average speed was .6 kilometer per hour or 120 miles per hour.


    The car covered a distance of 624 kilometers in just under six and a half hours – what speed did it achieve during that time? To find out, we need to use some basic physics concepts. We know that the car was moving at a constant speed (its initial speed) for the first 426 kilometers and then increased its speed by exactly 32 km/h for the last 124 kilometers. Therefore, our car travelled an average speed of 200.8 km/h throughout the entire journey!

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